Updates have been changed to weekly on Monday and Thurs/Fri with occasional bonus pages~

The Comic:

Nahalenya, or Lenya to her friends, was sent forth from her home years ago to study magic at the University. Finding it too difficult to stand out as much as she did, she found a way to lead a double life. While her time has been rich with learning, she must soon graduate and begin her journey home – something that will take a lot longer than she could ever suspect.

This is only the first story of Halflight, a place where tales like this can be told, long and short, happy and sad, as if around a campfire past the end of the world and outside of time.

It is worthwhile to note that while the beginning of the story takes place in a University, this is by no means a “school hijinks” comic. I don’t believe in censorship, so you’ll get violence and nudity when it’s relevant to the story in some way. (Nothing gratuitous!)

It’s a new idea and still growing. I’m exploring the medium of comics and, of course, I’m always learning more and finding new and amazing things out about all of it. I love feedback! Email me, comment, let me know what you think.

About the Creator

Hi! My name is Emma and I write/illustrate/color this thing. I’m a twenty-something person currently living in Hampton, VA. I went to school for Illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated in 2010. I love the way that stories and visual art interact, and I’ve always been fascinated by comics and sequential imaging. I also try to write novels, do freelance illustration work, and play a whole lot of videogames. I have paid my bills by being a QA tester for a local game company and worked as a waitperson. When I’m not doing that or making art, I go dancing at goth/industrial nights, go camping and urban exploring, and travel to visit distant friends. I have a little black cat who is not so secretly an alien, and I drink a lot of tea.