In theory, here is where you find out a little about the various people in the story.

nahalenyaAKA Na’la, Lenya, Silver

Nahalenya was sent to study at University City in her youth. She was born into the Draeshi clan of Stoneheart. Her upbringing means she is very shy and reserved – Lenya is way happier hiding behind a pile of books than trying to maintain much of a social life.

 Ghailani – AKA G’haila
Born in the Draeshi clan of Stoneheart, G’haila is Na’hale’nya’s blood sister. Though Draeshi children are usually raised all together by all of the elders, the two girls are very obviously blood-related. G’haila has always looked up to “Na’la”, who was the best hunter-tracker of the children.

Clanmother Isha
Clan Mother IshaThe near-prescient leader of the Stoneheart clan, who sent Na’hale’nya away in order to gather Outsider knowledge and skills.

But was that the only reason? A cold, mysterious woman who does what she can to protect her clan.


ThaliThe best friend of Lenya, Thali is the top student in their Mastery. She comes from what amounts to Listi’in nobility, also called the Blood. She likes tea and enjoys the finer things in life – as well as ancient scrolls and dusty tomes.


TavLenya’s other best friend, Tav is one of the few Tulariin students in their class. His mother followed a lover to the north and he’s lived at the University ever since. A mediocre student of magic, he excels at sword skills and cooking. Tav prefers to laugh at things rather than worry about them.


Professor Icewind
Professor Icewind(Probably not his real name)

A Listi’in professor at the University. Cold, fair, and something of an embodiment of the place itself, as no student knows how old he is or how long he’s been around.


KalitA Tulari girl who came to study at the University after a mage passed through her village and noticed that she had natural talent with magic. She has a troubled history, and does not like the Draeshi people.


KatyaA professor in the Healing mastery, she is still fairly young for a Professor and befriended Lenya at a time when she was considering adopting a white robe over a blue one.

Katya is in charge of the Grove, an extra-dimensional forest that people travel from all over the world to visit to recuperate from illness or injury.


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