If you think something should go here, clearly you should ask me questions. These are mostly just what I thought people might ask (or what friends I’ve shown the comic to ahead of time have asked) so it will probably be updated.

Q. When do you update?

A. Kind of whenever D: I try to get at least one page out a week, but because of my busy schedule, lack of buffer, and the time and energy that goes into each page it’s hard to say exactly what day.

Q. Light elf, dark elf, light elf, what?

A. All will be explained! Keep reading. Or if you want the short version, the main character made up a spell when she was an insecure teenager to change her skin color from the natural dark color to a lighter color so she could have an alternate identity that fit in to the local culture and also so she could study two different subjects.

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

A. Rattling around in my head. Sometimes banging and clanging and clashing too.

Q. Why elves?

A. All my professors in college hated that sort of thing, and I’m such a rebel. Well, really, I just like elves. They don’t call themselves that or anything. There aren’t any humans in this world, so they just think of themselves as, well, people.