Me at the table!

My humble corner...

My first con with Halflight! It was a great experience. The print copies arrived a day before the con and they looked great! It’s so cool to have art you create digitally in a form that you can hold in your hands… trust me I was glowing when I got them haha. My awesome mother cosplayed with me *and* helped me man the table for the two day convention. I met so many nice people, and trust me, there were a lot of people there! And talented artists too. I overheard someone saying that the focus of this particular con is almost always more on the art and I really believe it.

I think one of my favorite parts of the con was seeing all the families of multigenerational geeks dressed up or supporting each other. The overall attitude everyone had was really optimistic and friendly. <3 And the comic got some interest so that’s good too. I was there to spread the word for the most part, because really I’m not very good at promotion… so if you really like the comic, tell a friend who might be interested!

I’m going to try to have a store set up soon so that everyone can buy the printed copies if they want, or buttons or prints. My webmaster has never done one before so we shall see. ^^; Anyway, I’ll keep y’all updated on what cons I might go to in the future, it was too fun not to do again!