Right as I was gearing up to finish this page tonight, my tablet (with which I do all of the coloring on the comic) stopped working. I emailed Wacom about it, and hopefully they can help, but until I get that sorted, I will be updating with the inked pages. Don’t worry, I’ll replace them with the color versions as soon as I get the tools to make them back in working order! (Like hopefully within the next week.)

I didn’t want to stop updating, so here’s an idea of what some of the process looks like before I lay any color down. :)

Edit: Okay, so, my tablet is still broken, but you know what I dug up? The very first tablet I ever bought for myself. Now, you have to understand, this was back in 2003 or 2004. In electronics terms, that’s a loooong time, so I didn’t know if it would still work or even if I still had the pen for it.

Well, it works, though the pen is a lesson of horrors…. because, well, a while ago I spilled some scented oil on it I guess and now the plastic is um, pliable. SO YEAH THAT’S PRETTY GROSS. Oddly enough, it still *works*, so I’m going to go ahead and assume some dark sorcery is involved and move the heck on.