Woo! The end of chapter 5. I contemplated for a while whether this should be the first page of chapter 6 but I like it better this way.

I sent in my very first order for print copies of chapters 1-4! I will have them for Baltimore Comicon and afterwards I should be able to provide print copies, signed or otherwise, for anyone who wants to purchase them (as well as buttons, stickers, magnets, and prints… and t-shirts! woo!)

Also in the next week or so expect to see the first pages of Chapter 6: Gathering Shadows which is very action packed and takes place several months after this most recent chapter. I also put together a Magic 101 short, since that was the topic of so many questions! Some of our cast will be giving us quick lessons in the various Masteries.

So lots going on in the Halflight world. ^_^ Stay tuned!