Well I said there would be some changes and so here are a couple of exciting announcements for Halflight: I applied to and was accepted by the Spider Forest comic book collective! (Ha ha Spider Forest… It took me an embarrassingly long time to get the elf joke hidden in there.) This is exciting for a couple of reasons, one because its a pretty cool collective full of lots of cool comics. Two, it’s going to get my butt to finally update the website here, so once I figure out how to wrangle comic press, things will look a little different. Three, hopefully we will be welcoming in some new readers! (Welcome, if that’s you.)

Another new announcement is this: my sister has been giving me great feedback on all of my creative projects, as she is a very talented and creative person with an eye for wordcraft. I asked her to officially help me with editing for optimum wordflow, so if you notice improvement there from here on out that would be down to her influence. Remember how I said she was really creative? She’s a fantastic costumer, check out her work at Iroha Cosplay.

In other news, I only have six weeks left of grad school, which is awesome, because it’s been a huge barrier to me giving the comic as much time as I wish I could. So lots of new stuff coming.