Hello everyone! As you can see, Halflight has started updating again. This past break was a long one, and one that occurred and continued for a variety of reasons, first and foremost being that my grad school program is very intense and demands a lot of my time and focus. That hasn’t changed – I graduate May of 2016 however and I have planned carefully in order to be able to bring Halflight back to active status while that is happening.

Over the summer I drew and completed many pages. I have enough of a buffer now to update once a week throughout this whole next semester even if I don’t draw another page from what I’ve worked on already. I hope to use winter break to similar effect. I have not and will not ever permanently abandon this project until the day it is completed, which will likely take a very long time. Halflight is still near and dear to my heart and is a priority when I have time and energy at all for personal work. It has, in fact, inspired the subject of my thesis through the experience of creating it.

And I wanted to thank you all, dear readers, for not giving up on me or this story, for checking back, and for welcoming me back into action. It had been so long I was sure this little corner of netspace was completely forgotten, and everyone who commented on this past post to say hello warmed my heart and encouraged me more than I can say, to continue to work passionately on this story. Through to this coming October I will be making some updates to the website, store, and hopefully posting extras and other fun things (contests? giveaways? character q & a?) as time allows.

Expect a new comic every Tuesday, expect new characters. The story is moving towards a phase I’ve been excited about working on for a long time. Let me know your thoughts, and any extras or ideas for stuff that could happen in this space.